Virginia Monthly Employment Statistics

  • 267,409 employed workers
  • 4,082,536 unemployed workers
  • 6.1% unemployment rate

Workforce Data

The total employment for Virginia is 3,850,200, which is 68,000 greater than last month, an increase of 1.80%. The total employment a year ago was 4,040,500, which is -190,300 greater than today. Employment has decreased by 4.71% in the last year. Last months' total employment data was updated but changed less than 0.05%, a fairly insignificant amount. Last months total employment was revised to 3,782 from 3,782.

The Business and Professional Services sectors are the leading employers in Virginia. There are 735,900 employees in the sector. Last month the sector had 731,200 employees last month, an increase of 4,700 (0.64%). Last year the sector had 759,700 employees last year, a decrease of 23,800 (3.13%).

The chart below illustrates the total monthly employment:

Unemployment Rate

The unemployment rate decreased in July, 2019 from 7.9% to this months' 6.1%. A year ago the unemployment rate was 2.8%, 3.3% higher today. The total workforce in July, 2019 was 4,349,945, which is 0.6% higher than last months 4,323,137 and is 0.6% lower than last months 4,404,389. The total number of unemployed in Virginia is 4,082,536 as compared to the revised figure from last month of 3,981,495 and 4,281,815 unemployed a year ago.

The chart below illustrates the change in the unemployment rate over the last year in Virginia:

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