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Stavera’s New Data & Content Focus

Stavera's New Data & Content Focus
Stavera's New Data & Content Focus

Over the last year, we’ve been steadily updating a lot of data, largely centered around employment data and financial market data. While there are lots of different places to get this type of information, there was only a little bit that we added to the mix.

We’ve recently been rethinking what we wanted to do with Stavera and how we really wanted to proceed with things here. The thinking has circled back around to some work that we are doing with some consulting clients. A lot of what we are doing on that side of the business centers around helping our clients understand the needs and wants of their site visitors/customers but most importantly coming up with ways of connecting the client with their user thru content that they are looking for. This is where our thinking has been moving….

Much of this work centers around understanding large chunks of data and helping the client to put words around this information — so our thought is to put together content around a lot of the research that we are doing for clients. As with anything that anyone does in a business, there’s always a lot of work that is done that nobody ever really looks at/for or tries to understand, unless of course there’s a problem –> then there’s never enough information.

So in order to service both our existing clients and to service ourselves and some businesses that we are going to be launching in the coming months, we will be putting together data trend reports and articles that cover 5 main threads:

  • Business Trends. We will be covering a lot of topics that are focused around how businesses operate, what’s important to them, how they grow, market themselves, what suppliers are growing or losing ground to their competition. If it’s important to businesses, we want to be in front of that.
  • Consumer Trends. In this section, we will be focusing on the changes in the products and services that consumers are purchasing, why they are acting like this in order to help our business clients understand how their business fits in with the individual consumer.
  • Employment Trends. Well, we really started here and what goes on in the world of employment has a direct impact on how the worker as a consumer functions in both their work life as well as in their personal life.
  • Market Trends. Another place where we started, the financial markets. We look at the overall market at a very high level and we want to focus on the trends that come out of all of the data driving the markets. Our focus will be less on individual stocks, bonds and other investments and more on different sectors of the market, value vs growth, dividend investing — information and trends information about things that an individual could use to help thing thru their own investing strategies.
  • Social Trends. This is a new area of focus for us. We are going to stay out of politics as best we can, but for whatever reason, everything is now political. We will be focusing on non-product and non-service things that are of interest to individuals and consumers. This section will cover changes and trends in individual tastes, desires and thinking – all data driven of course.

It’ll take us a bit of time to get things up and running but we will be adding in a few pieces of content every week, so come back when something peaks your interest. We will be out on social to drive our audience, so we will eventually be pushing things out to you as well to grab you in.

We hope you find us a little more interesting than we have been.

Kurt Tietjen
Kurt has been in the online media business as long as it's been a business. Former SVP of Operations for, Chief Traffic Officer (head of audience & product) for Purch (formerly Tech Media Network), founder of High Peak Media and many other positions in businesses that no longer exist.