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sector market overview chart 8/16/19
August 18, 2019

8/16/19 Weekly Market Overview

The week ended 8/16/19 ended with all three major indexes down by an average of 1.0% for the week.
sector market overview chart 5/31/19
June 2, 2019

5/31/19 Weekly Market Overview

The week ended 5/31/19 was another difficult week for the major indexes. The indexes averaged a decline for the week of 2.67% with the Dow Jones Industrial Average declining 3.01%, the S&P 500 Index declined 2.62% and the Nasdaq declined 2.37% for the week. Many ‘experts’ are crediting the potential escalation of the trade dispute
sector market overview chart 5/10/19
May 11, 2019

5/10/19 Weekly Market Overview

The week ended 5/10/19 was a tough week for all of the US stock market indexes. The 3 major indexes declined an average of 2.54% on fears of an escalation in the trade battle with China and the expansion of the tariffs on Chinese goods entering the US. The week ended with the Dow Industrials
sector market overview chart 5/3/19
May 5, 2019

5/3/19 Weekly Market Overview

The week was highlighted with Wednesday’s employment report from ADP and the BLS labor report on Friday. Both reports were good enough to push the unemployment rate down to the lowest level its been since the late 60s. The current unemployment rate is 3.6% after adding 263,000 jobs for the week. The employment reports pushed