Year-to-Date Weekly Chart

Consumer Staples Sector



For the week ended 04/09/2021 FSTA closed at $41.98. The first weekly close of the year was at $31.67 which makes the latest close 32.6% higher in the latest week than early this year.

The price for FSTA which represents the Consumer Staples sector has ranged from a low of $32.22 to $42.13. This puts the latest close 0.4% below the high for the year and 30.3% above the low for the year.

For the purpose of comparison, the S&P 500 index closed the last week at 41.98. This weeks' close was 0.4% below this years high and 30.3% above this years low.

The sector is up roughly 32.6% for the year, which is out performing the market by 0.0%, which is up by 32.6% so far this year.

The Consumer Staples Sector contains stocks of companies whose primary business is to produce food, beverages, non-durable household and personal products.

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